Advice For The Job Seeker

There are a few things every job seeker should know. These tips for job seekers are meant to be easy steps towards becoming more appealing to potential employers. The job search can be very competitive and every detail can make a difference. We hope this article points you in the right direction and reminds you of some important details that employers look for.


Job seekers should always be open to communication. This means frequently checking email accounts and having a phone close to hand. Failing to reply to an employer by email or phone can be detrimental to your chances of employment. This means that when you are in communication with a potential employer, make sure to respond in a timely manner. This will ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance of being considered for employment. A tip which can help keep your communication in line, is to forward all your phone numbers to your cell phone so that employers can reach you wherever you are.


Every job seeker should have a professional resume. The resume is an effective tool for highlighting past work experience, skills, and overall professionalism. The first thing to remember when constructing a resume is that you are summarizing your past work experiences, this means that your resume should not exceed one page. In order to effectively summarize your work experience you must only mention the most important aspects such as: skills you learned, positions you held, projects/tasks you completed, and job description. By sticking to these details you should be able to create a brief, but effective resume.


LinkedIn is the largest professional network available. This means that it is an extremely helpful tool in terms of networking, and job searching. It is important to have a strong LinkedIn profile when looking for a job. To construct a strong LinkedIn profile make sure that it reads like your resume, with most recent experience at the top. It can also be very helpful to include a professional photo in your LinkedIn profile.

Social Media

Social media is a huge factor in today’s recruiting process. In the modern day it is very common for employers to find candidates on social media and scan their profiles for any possibly damaging or inappropriate content. The best ways to keep your social media profiles safe and professional¬†are changing them to private mode, or removing inappropriate content. Although social media may not seem like a big deal, it often can be in the eyes of recruiters. This is why every job seeker should play it safe and keep their social media profiles professional.

These are just a few tips which can help you through out the competitive, and sometimes stressful employment process. If you found these tips helpful, check out the rest of our blog for more useful information!



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