Trucker Writes About His Experiences

As many people know, truck drivers are consistently on the road traveling up and down, and even around the entire United States. One can only imagine the stories these truck drivers could tell. One trucker in particular is sharing his experiences with readers. This article will highlight why this trucker decided to write a book on his experiences.

A Trucker with Stories

Buck Boylan is a first time author, publishing his book “The Humorous Side of Trucking.” His book includes 16 short stories, which are a hilarious collection of his truck driving endeavors.

Boylan begins his book by reflecting on the truck driving school he attended. He explains what it was like as a professional tractor-trailer driver with little guidance as a beginning local driver. Shortly after he was hitting the road as a long haul driver.

Where it all Started

Boylan grew up playing with Tonka toys as a child until he decided to turn his childhood fantasy into an adult lifestyle. Boylan not only has experience driving trucks, but is also a heavy equipment operator, scuba diver, and motorcycle driver. He’s also lived on house boats, which is definitely a unique experience in itself. These differing experiences combine within his book to produce humorous stories that are sure to keep readers laughing.

What’s Next?

Boylan is currently living in Maryland where he drives huge trucks. He is also working on another new book, which will be out soon. Some of his written works have appeared in national magazines, as well as several local newspaper editorial columns.

Boylan’s book shows that truckers lead more adventurous lives than perhaps most people realize!



Source: Go By Truck






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