Trucking Against Trafficking

Human trafficking is a booming business, which consists of typically women and children, who are bought and sold for forced labor, or commercial sex. There are an estimated 20.9 million human trafficking slaves today but hopefully, not for long as truckers are beginning to get new training and new tools that will help spot the victims of this horrific industry.

Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT) is a tax-exempt non-profit organization that exists to educate, equip, and mobilize the trucking industry to reduce sex trafficking. The organization recently produced a powerful training video that discusses the warning signs of potential victims, along with the information that discusses the victims that are not only adults, but also minors, who are typically left alone in a bathroom.

Along with the training video, TAT made wallet cards that gives instructions, warning signs, and the toll-free hotline number of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center which allows the victims that call to be connected to help services. Because victims are often left in bathrooms, organizations across the country have also wrapped bars of soap with the hotline number and placed them in gas stations and hotels.


Truckers Against Trafficking Training

Trafficking is a mobile crime with victims who are always being moved from point A to point B. The constant movement makes truckers a great resource in helping officials look for victims. Truckers cover a lot of ground and travel to places that the everyday person wouldn’t often see. Materials are being developed and spreading across the transportation industry that includes window stickers asking for help, trailer covers in anti-trafficking messages that are parked at truck stops.

Many logistics and distribution companies have partnered with Truckers Against Trafficking to show their continued support for the organization and their efforts. If you would like to donate please visit the site.


Do the Outreach Materials Work?

The TAT’s training video includes a story from a 15-year-old trafficking survivor named Shari. She was rescued when a trucker saw her.  “Because this trucker made the call, I have an opportunity to have a life,” Shari says.

The 50,000 bars of soap have resulted in 10 trafficking investigations.

As new training and tools are being given to truckers, they have the tools and resources to save human trafficking victims. This is just the beginning of the fight and truckers across the nation have the ability to be heroes and fight for these victims.

If you see any suspicious activity, please call 1-888-373-7888.


Source: Truckers Against Trafficking






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