5 Tips For Acing A Warehouse Job Interview

Tips for choosing a truck driving school.

With the rise of e-commerce – at both traditional retailers and e-commerce companies like Amazon – more warehouse jobs are opening up in new and expanding distribution centers across the country.

If you’re looking for one of these warehouse jobs, you’ll need to practice answering the questions you’re likely to be asked during the interview.


1) “Talk about a time you either saw or were involved in a safety situation at work, and how you reacted.”

Every job site poses its own unique dangers, and warehouses are no exception. Warehouse supervisors want to promote a strong culture of safety in their workplaces so all employees stay healthy and happy.

Show the hiring manager that safety is important to you. If you go into your interview prepared with an answer to this question, you’ll demonstrate that you’ll be a conscientious employee who will look out for your own safety as well as the safety of others.

Bonus tip: Dress for success! Just because typical warehouse jobs don’t require office attire doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress professionally for your interview.


2) “Why do you want to work here?”

Many job applicants don’t prepare an answer to this common interview question. If you have an answer ready for your warehouse position interview, you’ll have a big advantage over the competition.

The best answer is one that demonstrates to the hiring manager that you understand what the company does, and that you have the skills to help the company move forward.

Example: “I have a track record of being punctual and helping a team make deliveries on time, so I’m confident I can be a big help in your distribution center.”

Bonus tip: Bring a copy of your resume, your Driver’s License, and any relevant certifications (such as a forklift operator’s card) to the interview.


Tips for choosing a truck driving school.


3) “How much experience do you have with heavy equipment?”

If you have experience operating a forklift or some other type of heavy equipment, then you’re already prepared for this question.

But if you don’t, be honest and upfront with the hiring manager. Explain that you’re interested in any on-the-job training they offer so you can get the heavy equipment experience they need and grow with the company long-term.

Bonus tip: Don’t answer any interview questions with just “yes” or “no.” Be prepared to explain your answers or to discuss in more detail something you wrote on your resume.


4) “What didn’t you like about your last job?”

You’ll make the best impression if you give the hiring manager a positive answer instead of sharing a list of complaints.

Example: “Actually, I liked my last job overall. The work was challenging and I had the opportunity to learn how to drive equipment.”

Even if you do share something negative, you should spin it into a positive.

Example: “The toughest part of my last job was an unpredictable schedule. So I sat down with my supervisor to talk about changing my hours. This let me learn how to communicate better.”

Bonus tip: Ask ahead of time for the name and job title of the person you’ll be interviewing with so you can greet the person by name when you arrive.


5) “Why should we hire you?”

Tips for choosing a truck driving school.

The best way to answer this question is to give a quick summary of your biggest strengths as an applicant.

Example: “You should hire me because I have a track record of always getting to work on time, I’ve gotten along really well with my coworkers at all of my other jobs, and I’m used to doing the kind of physically-demanding work that’s almost always part of warehouse jobs.”

Bonus tip: At the end of the interview, don’t be discouraged if you’re not hired on the spot. Hiring managers usually need to discuss potential hires with other people before making a job offer.






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