Our Mission


To change lives by matching our toughest people with your toughest jobs.



Our CEO, Jude Tallman, founded Spec On The Job in Hartford, CT in 2002 with a focus on staffing construction companies with laborers and skilled tradespeople. Today, Spec has grown to serve the distribution, logistics, construction, hospitality, and administrative industries in all 50 states.


Vetting & Screening Process

We have a unique 5-point hiring process: 1) Resume Review, 2) Telephone Screening, 3) Face-to-Face Interview, 4) Onboarding, and 5) DOT Compliance. We also validate our candidates’ skill sets and references.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our workers for the first four hours of their initial start date. If you are dissatisfied with our worker’s performance for any reason, contact us immediately. We’ll make every effort to replace the worker as promptly as possible, and you will not be billed for that worker.





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