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    What is a staffing agency and how do they work?


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    A staffing agency, also called a temp agency, is a tool for businesses that are having difficulty finding enough qualified workers.

    Staffing agencies save businesses time and money by sourcing, screening, and pre-qualifying new hires for their clients. Staffing agencies also perform any drug testing or background checks that the client might require.

    Staffing agencies also handle hiring and terminations, employment taxes, and payroll.

    The client usually only needs to specify the number of workers needed, the time period for which they’ll be needed, and the hourly rate, which can be negotiated.

    Staffing agencies may place either temporary workers, temp-to-permanent workers, or permanent workers at a company.

    Staffing agencies save companies time and money, and allow clients to focus more on their core business. These agencies also allow more flexibility for hiring by giving businesses the option to “try before you buy.”

    Spec On The Job specializes in workers for the trucking, construction, skilled trades, warehousing, and manufacturing industries. If you’d like to get a rate quote from us for workers, please fill out the form at the top of this page, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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